"PID School Contest" winners

"PID School Contest" ended, it was organized by Matematicamente.it in collaboration with the Department of Innovation Engineering of the University of Salento.

The competition was reserved to students of classes V for ICT and Telecommunications Technical Institutes, who study "Project management and business organization" (GPOI). It involved the creation of a PID (Initial Project Document ) for the creation of a information system chosen and proposed by the students.
The PID must be made according to the methods described in the book "Project management and organization of business - project management in the secondary school level", of Antonio and Martina Dell'Anna, and in monographic booklet: "The project SPOT , project plan and attachments ", Antonio Dell'Anna and Maria Pia  Accogli, both published by Matematicamente.it, licensed under a free Creative Commons BY ND, and published at http://projectmanagement.matematicamente.it.

The winners are:
- first: Sara Marinato, of 'IIS' LEVI - PONTI "Mirano (VE) with the project "PuntoMedico";
- second: Daniele Filieri, IISS "E. MEDI" Galatone (LE) with the project "REGEL";
- third:
   - Gianluca Sticchi, IISS "E. FERMI" Lecce with the project GHED;
   - Riccardo Nuzzone, Matteo Miglietta, Federico D'Agostino, IISS "E. FERMI" Lecce with the project "EasyLecce".
Projects developed by the winners will be published on this website after that students will have discussed with the respective committees for state examinations.