Project presentation

From the school year 2014/2015 in classes V addresses and telecommunications technical institutes was introduced, as required by the reform Gelmini, matter "Project management and business organization." Antonio and Martina Dell'Anna have written a textbook "Project management and organization of business - project management in the secondary school level", published by and released under free license Creative Commons BY ND.


Along with the book it was published in a special issue of deepening: "The project SPOT - project plan and attachments", realized with the collaboration of Maria Pia Accept, which is fully developed example of a "project plan" for managing a project.
Both books are free to download in pdf format from this portal devoted exclusively to this new field of teaching technical institutes.
The book has now registered numerous accessions and great interest among the teachers of the subject "Project Management". This success has encouraged the authors to continue and expand the initial project.
Thanks to the ideas and the contribution of new friends / colleagues in the initial project has evolved and is now becoming a real activities experimental production of new digital materials and experimentation of teaching methods related to the use of new technologies.
The authors and the publisher are highly motivated and willing to continue and increase the commitment.
Currently scheduled tasks, some of which are under construction, are:
the revision of the book and the preparation of a new edition for the next school year;
the development of the portal;
the realization of tests in response closed;
the predisposition of exercises with or without solutions,
the realization of the slides for all teaching units;
the creation and publication of a full course of video lessons;
testing and sharing of open source software project management;
the ongoing discussion and sharing of experiences with all stakeholders to the issues of project management and education;
organizing live meetings or by video conference with teachers and students;
shared development with students and teachers of small applications of project management;
activation and management of thematic forums;
the creation of an English version of the book and slide for CLIL courses for next year;
the organization of competitions for students.
It is a true work in progress open to all kinds of suggestions, proposals and collaboration.